Personally, I’ve been going through my collection and decided to its time to find new homes for some of my past 1/64 favorites, especially if I can track down some of my want list. Since my list is pretty specific, I’ve put some (hopefully) desirable cars. If we can’t make a trade I’ll consider Paypal but let’s try to get some HWEP going first!

Here’s my want list:

Hot Wheels Classics Aston/Zamacs of foreign cars/Target exclusive red VW Kafer racer


Johnny Lightning CRX/VWs/Aston/Land Cruiser

MBX red Miata/blue Volvo wagon

M2 Auto-Japan

Greenlight Breaking Bad Jesse’s car, Pontiac Aztec, Skylar’s Jeep

Anything Saab or non-HW McLarens

1:43 scale models

Some stuff I have:

loose/bad card red and silver LaFerraris

MBX Power Grab blue Beetles/GTI/black parking meter

loose Supers: BMW Z4, Toyota 2000GT, Greenwood Corvette

carded Super Carbonic

cool classics CRX

modern classics CRX

Tucker Blvd.

Twin Mill Blvd.

DC Comics VW T1 Panel

random regular treasure hunts

HW Classics VW Beetles

Feel free to inquire about anything in the pics!

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